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Big breasted Russian women

Big breasted Russian women

The way women look and dress up is the first thing men notice during the meeting, especially online one. People tend to think that big breasted Russian women are vulgar and prefer short skirts, deep décolleté and tight leggings and all at once. Of course such examples happen, but they are rather exeptions.And it does not help to meet a man for serious relationship. Generally Russian style is very beautiful and charming. Real Russian look has some magic harmony, which has been created for many years. Nowadays modern designers again use in their collections  the embroidery, lace abundance of complex folk patterns and printed floral images that are inherent to Russian style.

Elements of Russian style in modern look of Busty Russian Women

Russian image reflects itself also in the shapes and forms of silhouettes. Typically Russian clothes may be long straight skirts to the floor, puffed sleeves, turndown collar, and light sundresses with wide straps. Dress in the Russian style is simple and puts in a better light the figure. Waist is usually emphasized with a thin strap or belt made from the ropes. The tissues are usually light that are simple and elegant at the same time. The key colours that are used are white, red, black and all hues of brown.

The evening image in the Russian style is made with a help of elements such as lace and embroidery. Skirt of the free cut of maxi or midi length may be combined with an embroidered shirt or blouse of natural fabrics. Such elegant woman can easily meet a good candidate for marriage.

Russian winter is severe and frosty, hence, there is a big love of Russian brides for furs.   Fur coats, hats with earflaps, massive fur collars and fur trimmed sleeves are very popular elements in everyday clothes because winter is not a cause to look bad.

The accessories can easily change the style, and show a distinctive national character of the owner. The typically Russian accessories are coloured scarves with native ornaments, mittens (varezhki), mufta (type of warm clutch in form of roll to put the hands inside).  The usual Russian scarf or rope belt can change the outfit. Women prefer jewelry made of bright material, with simple forms.  Ballet shoes on the flat sole and straw bags highlight the notes of Russian style. Last years the handmade jewelry of textiles, stone or straw becomes popular.

Modern Russian ladies can create beautiful looks using the ancient elements that can dilute the way women dress up today. Some interesting combinations are long sundress and shoes with straps on a flat sole, a business suit and Russian scarf around neck, a short dress with a collar and thick tights. By the way, Russian embroidered shirt of the free cut can be worn with jeans.

Makeup and haircut as a part of Russian style

However, Russian folk motifs are used not only in clothing or accessories. Makeup in Russian style is intended to emphasize women’s natural beauty. Women use such elements as slightly rosy cheeks, red lips, long black lashes and thick well-groomed eyebrows.  Hairstyle is all kinds of classic braids with ribbons or flowers woven into it.

Large breasted russian women care a lot about their appearance; they prefer to look well the whole day and even when they go to sleep. Russian style is rather mesmerizing and it always highlights beautifulness of its followers. That is why Russian women are always good-looking, seductive and mysterious at once. Such habit may help single ladies to find their man to create family.