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Blonde dating

Blonde dating

«Who run the world? – Girls» – says Beyonce in her famous song. And it is really so. Nowadays women occupy more active position in life than it was before. But women are so different in various countries because of their mentality. Let us have a look at blondes, their style of life and how it is different from others.

If we talk about beauty it means a lot in life of every women, but Blonde women really believe that this beauty can save the world. They should always look impeccable, even if they go to buy some products or take out the rubbish. Maybe it will be the moment single lady meets her soulmate. A lot of them wear high heels every day and do not worry that it’s uncomfortable or harmful. The main thing – it is beautiful! They do not prefer to wear one and the same look two days in a row for work. And make-up is inevitable part of life for them.

Women are rather caring and gentle, they are always ready to help and overcome the problems together. Blondes are competent in many spheres of life. They can be your devoted real friend when you need some advice, a good critic, and even personal physician if you become ill.

At the same time, they are quite independent. One poet states that Russian woman can stop a running horse and come into a burning house. Blonde girls get used to the fact that they have to work and earn money, bring up children, do all the housework and look perfect at the same time. So they are rather «multifunctional» and do not consider it as burden, it is such style of life.

Career and obtaining the higher education for many of them is rather important, they tend to cultivate their individuality to be well-educated persons. On the other hand, such fighting spirit will help to overcome difficult times if they exist.

It may be strange enough that Blonde women’s concept of love and family is still of great value. They appreciate the romantic walks, whispering in the ear, confessions, red roses on every engagement and wedding anniversary. Such mix of businesswomen and naive dreamers can infatuate.

Russian women are good cookers. For many Russian women delicious dinner is a way to show their love, so one has to be ready for the culinary experiments. They value the idea of family dinners with a lot of delicious dishes, a lot of guests and children’s laugh. All these things make the hours of cooking and cleaning something not worthy to think about. This skill is good for those who want to find man.

We can’t forget about sexuality that is not the exposed areas of the body (though, sometimes it happens), but a smile, a subtle gesture, a turn of the head, languid look. Flirtation is a part of blonde girl, it is in her blood. It works well even during the online conversations.

As we can see all these factors position blonde women as pretty brides who are ready to create a family and maintain everything in a perfect way.