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Why is it necessary to speak English?

Why is it necessary to speak English?

Language is a primary tool of communication between people all over the world, especially when we talking about the marriage bonds. To speak any language is the best way of human for adaptation abroad. Can you imagine living anywhere in the world if you do not speak the language, which is native for everybody around? Not knowing it completely limits the ability to interact with the outside world.

As you can see, English is taking the first place among the foreign languages and has already become the international language. Today, English is used everywhere – in business, travel, science, education, internet, movies, and other spheres of human life. This is the first and main language of global communication. In many countries English is considered to be second state language. English is spoken by more than 1 billion people. With help of English you can travel easily without having any problems in understanding the speech of people in other countries. English brings people together and helps to gain knowledge in the great amount of sources of information.

Internet has expanded communication capabilities as much as possible. Due to World Wide Web you can easily converse with a person from any country. In turn, English helps to find interesting friends and extend the scope of acquaintances, so that life becomes more vivid and saturated.

What about Russian women knowledges?

So, the question is how well do Russian women speak English? Russian women for the most part do not speak any other languages except of Russian. Accordingly, it is very hard to get them acquainted with foreigners.

Initiative foreigners

Talking about men’s needs and wants, foreigners are ready to take online conversation with Russian brides even with help of Google-translator. It is a real problem to meet English speakers on the territory of Russian Federation. Some of them are visiting Russia for a short period of time just to learn the Russian language. So, as we can see, foreign grooms are so interested in pretty Russian girls, that they are intended  to get a chance to communicate with them even  through cutting the distance and getting familiar with local traditions.

Geographical aspects

Knowledge of foreign languages is highly dependent on a place of residence: in large cities, even if beautiful women are newcomers, they are more often foreign languages speakers, sometimes due to the needs of labor activity.

With the increasing of a distance from the capital of Russia, a level of knowledges is rapidly decreasing. Many men have been confused in such case. They thought the reason of the low language skills was the low intelligence of Russian ladies. However, considering the fact that the most common part of lonely girls are more than 30 years old, the life experience is a huge in understanding that this is a wrong opinion.